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I’m back on Tumblr!

It’s been a while since I’ve been here! 

But now I’m back to blog. Hopefully, frequent enough. As you can see I’ve updated thios place a bit, so look around and have fun!

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Getting the iPad 2!

On March 11th, 2011, I headed out to the Apple Store with my girlfriend to get the new tablet. And boy, what an AMAZING experience. First of all, a LOT of patience is needed. I stood on a two and a half hour line with Cora, and boy, it was slow. Some people, in the front and behind me, didn’t have the patience, and therefore left. And if you are someone who left, it’s called “DELAYED GRATIFICATION,” folks! At exactly 5:00 PM when the Apple Store doors opened (they closed down for two hours to re-decorate the iPad section and put the new display devices in,) the Apple Store employees ran around the whole line with about 6,000 people starting at the front door, giving high-fives to costumers. And then, the line slowly began to move. By the time we reached the middleish-end of the line, we were exhausted. The line felt like it was going on forever! Finally, we reached the point where one of the Apple Store employees asked me what iPad model I’d like to purchase. I walked inside the store, and all that was left was to purchase the tablet. In the end, I got the iPad 2. It was definatley worth the $500. I want to thank everyone- Cora, my Dad, and all of the fans for supporting me to purchase the iPad 2. Thanks again, everyone!

MikesiPodHelp101™ now on Tumblr!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Tumblr page/blog. I have a Tumblr account because I need a backup site to put all my information. For example, this would be good if something happens to my Fcaebook/Twitter/YouTube/Site. Please be sure to follow me (there is a button on the right. ->) There is also a feed on the right that has all my Twitter posts, which updates every few hours. Thanks a bunch guys!


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